Monday, July 27, 2020

A touch of care and love!

A touch of care and love!
By Umm Muhammad Yusuf

Out of sight, does not need to be out of mind.

During this trying and testing time of the Covid 19 pandemic, we can still make an effort to strengthen our community bonds.

With many families in isolation, unwell and in quarantine, sending family and friends a gift or touch of care and love during these difficult times can be a meaningful expression of kindness.Indeed small and unexpected surprises can go a long way.

Remember to always mindfully focus on the pleasure of Allah, and to renew and purify our intentions. It comes in a hadith, "Every deed is judged by its intention." 

Here is a short list of some ideas:

*#1 Keep in touch*

Make a call or send a small message to at least one different person from your friends, family or contacts lists every day, especially the elderly, and don't forget your neighbours!

*#2 Reach out*

Reach out to people in isolation, those that are sick and those in quarantine, in a safe way, through phone calls, WhatsApp, etc.
It is said in a Hadith, "Whoever relieves a Muslim in distress in this world, Allah will remove his difficulties in the Hereafter."

*#3 Volunteer time*

Volunteer to do a friend's shopping errands or their buying of milk and bread.

*#4 Meals and snacks* 

Try making some extra soup or prepare a special meal if you can and let the sick person know you will be dropping it off 
Don't ask "Can I cook for you?" as people will feel shy to ask for help.Try cooking or preparing something at least once a week for the next month or two to share with others. Remember to send it in disposable containers, making it easier for yourself, as well as the sick.

*#5 Snack packs and gifts*

Send a small snack pack, a little gift with a small note of encouragement, an uplifting Hadith or inspirational aayah of the Quraan. Small and unexpected surprises can go a long way.

*#7 Cheer people up* 

Make people happy. Be a means of a smile on someone's face.

*#8 Inspire*

Share positive news or some inspirational one liners that will uplift the person and make them feel better. Be careful not to be negative.

*#9 Dawah and uplifting Imaan*

Remind them and ourselves about the beautiful rewards that Allah has in store in exchange for patience during difficulty, and encourage them to make zikr and read duas etc.

_Soul food is just as important as is food for the body_

*#10 Self care*

Selfcare is of utmost importance. Take care of yourself so that you are able to help others too. 

*#11 Dua*

Make special dua for yourself and all the family and friends, especially for those that are ill or have lost loved ones. Take people's names when they do not know that you are making dua for them, then it is more likely to get accepted by Allah. It comes in a Hadith, "When a person makes dua for a Muslim, an Angel is appointed to say aameen to his dua, and to make dua for him in return by saying may you be granted the same." (Muslim)

It comes in a Hadith that the best people are those that benefit others the most.

If you would like to join in this touch of love initiative, take out your diaries and save the weekly dates that you would like to prepare a meal or gift something. Also make a list of the people you would like to enquire about or drop a call or message to. Send out weekly reminders and together we can make a difference! 

Remember the most important thing is to make the correct intention.