Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Gems from the Garden of Islam

Beautiful Gems from the Garden of Islam

The Prophet of Allah [Salallaho alaihe wassallam] is reported to have said:

 "Anyone who wants high palaces and high stages in Jannah[Paradise]:

  • should forgive the one oppressing him
  • he should give to the one who deprives him
  • and he should keep up relations and communication with one who severs ties." [HADITH]
Certain people are such that even if one shows kindnesses to them, they do not do so in return. The rule for them is that even if they keep severing ties, one should keep maintaining ties with them and forgive them. We learn from this hadith that Allâh has promised beautiful mansions and high stages for the person who practises the above.
"One who controls his anger inspite of having strength to enforce it, Allâh will fill his heart with Imân and peace." [Hadith]