Thursday, June 3, 2010


'There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother in his absence where the angels do not say, 'the same is for you'' [Muslim]


Making dua is a simple and powerful way to make a difference for our Muslim community and for ourselves especially since our duas are returned to us. It is also a productive way to relieve stress. Allah rewards the patient and loves to hear his believers ask continually. There are certain times a dua is more likely to be accepted by Allah (SWT).   Below are some ways to make Dua that will be easy for us to incorporate in our daily routines-Inshallah.

1. At the End of the Obligatory Salat:
 "O Messenger of Allah, which supplication is heard (by Allah (SWT), he said the end of the night and at the end of the obligatory Salat (prayer) [at-Tirmidhi]. This time is after saying 'Athyat', and before making Tasleem (finishing prayer)

 2. An Hour On Friday
 'There is an hour on Friday if a Muslim gets it while offering Salat (prayer) and asks something from Allah (SWT), then Allah (SWT) will definitely meet his demand.' And (the Prophet (SAW) pointed out the shortness of that particular time with his hands. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Some have said that this hour is from the time the Imam (prayer's leader) enters the mosque on Friday's prayer until the prayer is over (i.e. between the two khutbahs), whereas others have said that it is the last hour of the day (i.e. after the ASR prayer until the Maghrib prayer).

3. During the Rain

 'Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan (call of prayer) is being called, and at the time of the rain'. [Al-Hakim 2: 114, and Abu Dawud #2540, ibn Majah] 

 4. Dua after praising Allah and giving salat on the Prophet (SAW) in the tashahhud at the end of salat.

'I was once praying, and the Prophet (SAW), Abu Bakr and Umar (were all present). When I sat down (in the final tashahhud), I praised Allah, then sent salaams on the Prophet, then started praying for myself. At this, the Prophet (SAW) said:
'Ask and you shall be given it! Ask, and you shall be given it!' [At-Tirmidhi #593 - Hassan, Mishkat al-Misbah #931]
Between Adhan and Iqamah
Anas (RA) narrated that Allah's Messenger (SAW) said: 'A supplication made between the Adhan and Iqama is not rejected.' [Ahmad, Abu Dawud #521, at-Tirmidhi #212, Sahih al-Jami #3408, an-Nasai and Ibn Hibban graded it sahih (sound)]

6. Dua of the one fasting at the time of breaking fast

The prophet (SAW) declared, 'Three men whose dua is never rejected (by Allah) are: when a fasting person breaks fast (in another narration, the fasting person until he breaks his fast), the just ruler and the one who is oppressed.'[Ahmad, at-Tirmidhi - Hassan] 

7. While Prostrating         
 'the nearest a slave can be to his Lord is when he is prostrating, so invoke (supplicate) Allah (SWT) much in it. [Muslim, Abu Dawud, an-Nasa'i and others, Sahih al-Jami #1175]