Thursday, October 20, 2011




Allah orders man to examine his own physical features: " do they not reflect in themselves"  [Quran Aayah 8 Surah Rum]
The body is a complex mass of many different parts, all parts have important work to do and they all have to work accurately to keep the body alive and healthy. The human body comprises of trillions of cells.
The first cells that Allah formed our bodies with was from our mothers and our fathers bodies.

Besides being the source of our thoughts, the brain is also the body's computer by Allah's inspiration. it is the central office which controls, directs and coordinates the varied activities of the many organs of the body----such as the beating of the heart, breathing rate of the body etc.So we never needed to ask our bodies ,should I need to breath now, should my stomach start digesting ,which muscles must I use to move my legs when I walk? Our bodies perform these automatically.
The brain is a soft mass of matter weighing little more than 3 pounds that float in shock proof fluid in the head. The outer layer of the brain is called the cortex. It is about a millimetre thick like a crumbled cloth over the rest of the brain. The folds and lumps are made of grey matter. In the white grey matter there e are nearly a 1000 million nerve cells, each is an electric battery and transmitter. Each cell branches out into nerve like threads which run trough out the body. The smaller back part of the brain is called the cerebellum, it controls balance and the way your muscles work, it also makes your movements smooth not jerky. The larger part is called cerebrum, this is the front upper part, covered by the cortex. The cerebrum is in two parts or hemispheres. Nerves from each side of your body cross to the opposite side of the cerebrum.
The brain is just about 3% of our body weight but uses 20% of the oxygen we breath and 15% of the body's blood supply. From the millions of nerve cells of the body most are in the brain. There two main types of nerve fibres: sensory nerve fibres which carry messages to your sense organs to your brain, and a spinal cord and motor nerves, which carry messages from your brain and spinal cord to your muscles and other parts of your body. After the age of twenty a number of cells in the brain die each day and are not replaced. If all the nerves in your body were stretched out they would be75km long.Subhanallah, Glory to Allah who is the best of Creator!