Thursday, August 30, 2012


My Mother…My Hero!!!

By Bint Salim
As I begin writing my heart becomes heavy with tears of that which I wish to express; gratitude, love, admiration, pride, respect, joy, appreciation, forgiveness, Dua and so much more. I tried putting my words into the context of poetry; but it just could not do justice to a remarkable woman; a gem, a rare personality, a priceless woman. My mother My HERO.

YOUR EYES : Gazed at me forgetting the pain of birth described to be, near death. Those same eyes wateched me grow, gazed at me with love and affection. Those eyes sacrificed sleep to bring me peace. It also told me when I was wrong. When I achieved , with pride and joy those same eyes would glow. Times came when I was in pain, your eyes softened to comfort me, yet tears would flow.THERE IS NO BETTER LOVE THAN THAT LOVE FROM A HERO.

YOUR EARS: Waited to hear my first giggle, attended to my every cry and plea, heard my first word. Those ears, would hear me out when I made no sense, or when I spoke nonsense. Those soft ears listen to me recite my duas and Quraan. Those ears till today put up with me, no matter where we go. THERES NO LOVE BETTER THAN THAT LOVE FROM A HERO.

YOUR VOICE AND LIPS: It sang the words of Allah Ta'ala to soothe my soul so I may sleep peacefully. It's the first voice I heard, when I was little. It uttered words of comfort to make me happy. Telling me stories and giving me advice. Teaching me my duas and Quraan. Scolding me when I was wrong. Explaining to me when I did not know what was going. Reminding me to read my salaah and waking me up for sehri. The voice that never lied, from her soft never did it fail to tell me ' I love you.'Constantly making dua for me. I started off my life with your kiss on my forehead, now I start and conclude my day with your kiss on my forehead. Never did your lips tell a lie, and when you would kiss my wound, its gentleness caused the pain to die. ' I love you my angel' you always told me. Those lips answered my every question, no matter how late it could be. No matter how naughty I could be, those lips always smiled upon me. Those soft lips expressed the voice that no mater what tone; it is always gentle, patient and mellow. THERES NO BETTER LOVE THAN THAT LOVE FROM A HERO.

YOUR HANDS: Held me with love when I was just few hours old, I held them when I needed help to walk and when I need your comfort and support. Those arms I rested in when I felt tired. Those tender hands cleaned my nose, fed me, changed my nappy and clothes. Those pure hands wiped my tears and hugs me to shield away my fears. Till today those hands express so much. Those hands brings me happiness when I am sad, it tickles me causing me laughter. It soothed me when I was ill, rubbing the burn away. Feeding me medication to take the misery away. Till today nothing but a loving touch did it show. THERES NO BETTER LOVE THAN THAT LOVE FROM A HERO.

YOUR HEART: Never fails to love her creator, The Protector of souls. Every action portrayed from your eyes, ears, voice and lips comes from deep within your heart. full of love and life it beats, worrying about each childs safety and success. Pure and soft, it holds so much love, to that there's no measure. Your heart is an absolute treasure. It's kindness, humbleness, love and piety is rare to find. A heart that from which the beat of Thikrul allah and durood of Rasoolullah constantly flows. THERE'S NO BETTER LOVE THAN THAT LOVE FROM A HERO.



Answer my dua for from my heart I cry this plea.

Let not lifes cold chill

To the skin of my mother spill.

Bring happiness of Duniya

And Aakhira into my mothers life,

And keep her the happiest wife!

For her: Make time stop to wait her presence.

Make clouds dance to the of her heart – You(Almighty Allah)

Make angels prance in her footsteps.

Make flowers smile in her radiance.

Make birds sings and jump for the season she brings.

Make rivers gently rush to softly kiss her feet.

For in the Duniya you have placed Jannah

beneath those fragile feet.

She walked a life of glass.

Time has to pass.

So in the Aakhira ,

Bestow her with that which you have promised.

Jannah and it's bounties on repeat.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen