Friday, November 30, 2012

Freedom Will Come



By Maryam Ally


When the choppers circles the sky
We look at each other
This for many of us,
Our last goodbye!
With a force
My earth it shook
My loved ones lives it took.

The red
For you a rose it represent
For me,
Blood of those who are now absent.

My world is different to yours
Our hearts are anxious over death.
Who is next?
I am a child... Alone
Screaming from rock to rubble
Looking at my people
experiencing deaths that are brutal.
I am lost,
In a land that is my own.

I recall my father ;
Smiling and playing with me,
Before he could lean over to kiss my forehead,
In seconds he was dead.
We have to leave and hurry.
When all clears up,
For their bodies we will come.
Screaming and crying
To the Lord above!
'' Grant us Freedom, Grant us Love!! ''

My brother wrapped his arms
around myself and my blind, pregnant mum.
As if to say
'' all is better. He(my abi) is out of harm ''
My tears rolled down my cheeks,
My knees shaking in fear,
My heart heavy and hard.
I looked at up at my mum,
Her face drenched in blood!
As we running in the street,
With thousands
Just like us,
My brother tells us to move on
We will meet up soon.
I latched at his neck as he bent down,
He looked me in eyes
And took my face in his dusty soft palms.
'' keep calm my angel,
I will see you soon, if Allah wills,
Or either in the beautiful paradise. ''

Those words soothed me
For beautiful I have never seen!
He kissed my mum
between her brows and
From that day on
My big brother was gone!

More and more bloodshed, bombings
And tradegy
Comes our way,
This nightmare
We can't escape for
one second or minute
If we wish to catch our breath
Night and Day
It goes on,
To our Rabb we pray
Hoping this hardship
Goes away!

Mother says
'' through all this,
Never cry
Ask why or pine!
For this Duniya is never mine!
A land like ours,
So Precious we will never find!.
A land that tasted my blood,
Counts on me,
To be free!
For it
I must willingly sacrifice
For after hardship is ease,
Our Lord we must please!
And he will show us his mercy,
Not every soul gets paradise that easy ''

Lives go second by second
In front of my eyes.
In hundreds and thousands
They depart,
To receive the key
To their castle in paradise.

To our door less shelter men intrude,
Then I wake up under a roof.
I look around,

my friend I see
next to me

on the hospital bed,
With her baby brother in her arms,
This little baby
Screaming in pain and agony.
With a blood soaked bandage around his head.
I smiled at her and asked her
'where's your mum and dad? '
She returned the smile
And said
' they are dead'!

I looked around me
One by one
Bodies are being wrapped
And ready for burial,
My world is filled with comosion!
Some have holes through
Their heads and chest!
Some disfigured and burnt,
Now all at a peaceful rest!
As the bodies came in
I see,
A face that looks just like me,
it's my Ummi.

I then remember :
Men intruding our door less shelter
Tall and fearless
With boots and guns!
They kicked my mum
And slit her tummy
When I ran to help her
They shot at me.

Now here I am
Seeing my mothers
Kafan getting done.
I sat up
To get to my feet,
But now have none!

Allah hu Akbar!
To Allah I screamed
Alone and helpless I feel!

And brutal murders.
That how my life goes on!
Now I am one of those that can't run!

I was four,
When my father was no more,
Now I am eight
And my entire family is late.
I also wonder how your life must b?

To my country
I know freedom we shall see!