Tuesday, July 2, 2013



By BintSalim


I glimpse at your arrival

Through the ummahs

Sudden increase of discipline-

How good is overcoming evil.

And our homes have become delirious

In preparation of your presence.

I too await for you.

But I am baffled at

The effect of a single guest.

How do you hold so much importance?

My mind is at mess.

I try to make sense ,

And I ask myself.

Who are you?

What do you do?

Where do you come from?

Please answer me for I am lost.

I am an unprepared host!

Oh Dear one!

Your guest?!

That , I am not.

You are mine

On life's noble quest.

My importance is dependant

On the strength of faith in your heart

And it's Creator.

Welcome oh visitor!

: take heed to the pattern

Some faces newly embrace the deen

Others I have previously seen

While among you there's those who don't return.

I am your host Ramadhaan-

To you dear one I say

Ahlan Wa sahlan.

Of me I am sure you heard.

I am titled as the 30 day restriction.

Mind you, to those who's Imaan is mature.

I am no torture.

I am a protection,

A golden connection.

To the Creator of Creations.

What I do,

Is help you.

Therefore take heed

As for what I bring

Is what you desperately seek.

I am sent from your Lord above.

For you He holds immense love.

He has made life sweet,

Jannah, is decreed

For those who are Obedient.

HE (ALLAH) loves to shower bounties

Over his noblest of servants.

He sent me with hadiya-

Listen carefully these are your

Treasured amanaah.

Use it well,

For who knows what's to come?

I've been sent

On condition Shaytaan is tied.

But keep in mind.

Through time he has planted his seed.

But remember , we replace it with Tauheed.

I bring you fasting,

From dawn to sunset.

From food and drink stay away.

From lies and backbiting run away.

Hold your anger.

Keep it in.

To purposely break your fast is a major sin.

When the sun drops

That days fast stops.

Remember –

I am a Ramadhaan.

I come from your Rabb

So how could it be

That the Speech of Allah

Is not with me.

Increase your recitation

And your reward will accumulate.

Within my 30 day span,

Allah has honored you man

Who hold the Quraan in your hearts.

At nightfall,

He wants your voices to lighten

souls causing hearts to brighten

Therefore He , places you to lead.

The extended prayer , taraweeh.

Allah is Beautiful.

Beyond imagination.

We get a glimpse through His religion.

Which is perfectly balanced

With fardh, witr , sunnah and nafl.

My days is divided into three.

Balanced perfectly.

From the Almighty.

My first ten days,

Is days of immense HIS RAHMA

During my middle ten days.

Increase your istighfar.

For these are the days of maghfira.

Your Lord is too Kind .

HE is the Most Generous.

He has given You itikaaf.

Don't hesitate on it.

.Make sincere intention

For In the last ten days of compensation

Of the fire.

He: has hidden therein for you.

The Night of Power.

Seek it in accumulation of prayer , sujud and dua.

I look forward to having you

Dear friend.

With you ,

Till the end